Sunday, 24 October 2010

Renoir and Flash

I was bored and looking for some interesting visuals for my website Masters of Creation. I never ended up using this image - but thought it would be nice to showcase it here.

Michael Jackson in Acrylics

Portrait of Man in Shadow

Elvis In Acrylic

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Lady Gaga in Acrylic

Fox in Acrylic

After a fox decided to make my garden his home. I decided to paint him. Here is the result. The painting itself is very small. Around A5 size.

Rachel & Lydia in Acyrlic

This was an exercise in getting skin tones correct, dealing with different hair colours and generally getting better at getting body proportions correct. 

Sketches of Jess

Penguins in Acyrlic

A good place to start. I haven't painted in years and the simple shapes and colours of penguins seemed a good place to start. My inspiration for the middle photo of the penguins walking came from a Jack Vettriano painting called The Billy Boys.