Friday, 4 January 2013

Are you OK Annie?

A scene from the Michael Jackson music video to "Smooth Criminal". 

Tyson VS Holmes

Tyson delivers a knockout punch to Holmes.

Absolutely Labyrinth

I had this thought about what happened after the movie - maybe sarah grew up and forgot all about the events that day - unil one day whilst walking through a scene from the music video to Bowies song "Absolute Beginners" The two catch each others eye....

Jareth and Sarah II

I decided to create a scene that didn't actually happen in the movie.  I always wondered what actually happened when sarah ate the peach and ended up in the junkyard - how did she get there? maybe Jareth took her.

Even more Labyrinth Art - Jareth and Crystal Ball "Forget the Baby" - by Garry Walker

Here is my recreation of a classic scene from the Labyrinth. Where Jareth is offering Sarah her dreams (In the form of a cyrstal ball) and in return she must "Forget the baby.".

Jareth "Forget the Baby"

I made this piece of art using Corel Painter 12 and Wacom Bamboo tablet.